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Health & Safety Strategy

Viking Building & Joinery Contractors is a company who believes that all employees have a right to work in a safe and healthy environment. And in doing so it is our intent to carry out our business and create a working platform, in which all employees or others shall have the highest regard for Health & Safety policies. Therefore all employees, or others, health, or physical, well-being shall not be put at risk.

Statement of Intent

Further, to reinforce the above strategy Viking Building & Joinery Contractors will insure the need to comply with all current, and relevant Health & Safety legislation, and pay particular attention to the provisions of:


A healthy working environment.

A safe place in which to work with safe access and egress.


All staff will be given suitable and sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision, to enable all works to be carried out and comply with this Health & Safety policy.


All works activities shall be assessed for the risks to staff and others and the appropriate method to carry out the work shall be found, and undertaken, by the way of risk assessments and method statements.

All plant, machinery and equipment shall be of good, sound working order with correct up-to-date certification.


All handling, storage and transporting of articles, materials and substances shall be carried out within the current Health & Safety guidelines.


All subcontractors to Viking Building & Joinery Contractors shall have the correct and up-to-date certification as required.


Viking Building & Joinery Contractors will seek to continuously improve and assist in the implementation of the current Health & Safety policy.


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